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  1. Where did I go wrong in this hand.... I know I probably went wrong in this hand, but where? Live MTT - $250 Buy In 600/1200 Antes 100 I have a TAG image ( just folded a big hand) Hero UTG w/ pkt 44 ( 22k) Villian on Button - LAG w/ chiplead at table Raise to 3200 Folds to button who flats Flop: 256 Rainbow Hero - Checks Villian bets 6000 Hero shoves all in for about 18,500 Button Calls w/ 99 I miss completely. Obviously I could have just folded preflop...but is there another way to play it? I know there is plenty of information missing. Essentially there was a couple of short stacks who I could've have played for stacks if they shoved, but when the button flat called me I didn't put him on an over pair.

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