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  1. I think BenFaz will win november. Cant be sure tho... Sick score dude! Congrats! http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/tournament-review-november-23-2015-591694/
  2. Well, as far as I can tell, this is it how it stands entering november: 1. rickyt88 With 33 points! 2. Fabaz/BenFaz With 29 points! 3. nutttnuttt With 25 points! 4. WackyJaxon With 22 points! 4.ApesAreFun With 22 points! 6. actyper[/url] With 19 points! 6.ronnieb122 With 19 points! 8.tedSTRETCH With 12 points! 9.PaulSmiley With 10 points! 10.CrazyB15/TiltTheBho With 7 points! 11.FouTight With 0 points!
  3. Such sad news. He was one of the superstars of the (online) game when I first started out. I stalked (railed) him a lot back then, and he was always so nice and friendly towards me. And when I started to move up in stakes, and suddenly found myself at the same table as him, he always said 'hello' and wished me 'gl', and we had a small chat (when he didnt have his chat banned, hehe, good ol' Chad!). RIP buddy! You'll always be my original hero in this game!
  4. Aaaand he closes it out. There's only one Phil Hellmuth! 14!

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