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  • Profession teacher and donk killer
  • Favorite Place to Play Live Pokercasino, they have dealers :-)l
  • Hobbies cards, fishing, bowling, foosball, sex
  • Favorite Cash Games where ever donks are giving away $
  • Favorite Tournament Game 8 game or NLH

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      I can't stand impatient players who insist on playing any 2 suited cards like Qh2h in 3 or 4 bet pots. I also can't stand people who are clueless to pot odds, implied odds, hand odds, and overall basic strategy for tourney play. These are the idiots that I always find that lucksack my stack and have cost me a lot of money. One of my favorite players is Phil Hellmuth and my friends call me that because I hate losing especially to clueless people who then don't even know enough to know that they just hit a miracle. The guy is fun to watch and he is right most of the time when it comes to tourneys and has the stats to back it.