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  1. My buddy (who recommended this site to me and coaches/backs me) is having major problems with his 13 year old son. The other day his son got in a fight and he had to leave during 3x sunday grind on ftp and go deal with it. Apparently his son was dating this girl and she left him for another boy. So his son stole one of the guys xbox360 games and went to his house to fight with him. I know he was pissed and had a long talk with his son, grounded him, took the tv, radio and laptop out of the kids room. Well I am at his house watching him grind and we get a call from the school and then his ex-wife. Apparently, his son started a fight at school with the other boy. My buddy is super pissed. He is in the boys room talking to him. I can hear it, he is asking him why he is being a bully and asking him if he likes to be bullied. His son said boys don't pick on him, which I guess makes him the bully. So now my buddy is in there bullying him. Pushing him around and picking on him. His son is basically crying, asking for his mom and stuff. I guess he is trying to teach him a lesson but this seems a mean way to go about it. I mean picking on your own son? LOL, as I am typing this apparently he is trying to get his son to fight with him and even threatening to call his older brother to come bully him cause apparently the 13 year old doesn't like when the 16 year old picks on him. Thoughts?

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