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  1. Can't see myself folding here. The 3x just puts more chips out there for me to pick up when he folds :P
  2. I'm fine with your play of betting the flop if checked to. I see some Ax's in his range trying to induce bb pre and post trying to keep in the worst hand otf, but his sizing screams more of Jx or air to me.
  3. I agree w DUUDE here. You can most likely call this and be right a good % of the time.
  4. Very interesting spot here. I would reluctantly fold, but def a good spot to go over and think about. If Villain's range is AJ+ 77+ I would like to see #s on AQcc, don't have access right now, but would say it's a very marginal call. after folding this hand you still would be sitting 3/7. ICM is an important factor to this hand.
  5. You need to be calling in this spot. While it is a ICM spot, I would need to see all stacks. Taking a chance to be itm, 5 left w close to 100bbs and losing the pot going down to 45bbs is a big difference, but a chance you need to take.
  6. I would 3b pre. somewhere in the 4k-4500 range and obviously call off if sb back jams. Bounty tournaments have a weird dynamic. If opener comes along, we can play accordingly. As played, I would re-jam over SB and if you got coolered by Opener, so be it. ottno
  7. Bet flop. I don't see many Villain's trapping in this spot. Possibly a higher thinking player. As played, fold turn. There are very few hands you beat and tough to get to showdown.
  8. wow @slystyle012 (wish i could tag on this site) is so elite.
  9. Appst08


    I enjoyed RedIceRap as well. Sometimes, people leave poker and move onto other paths in life. This could also lead to not studying the game, not getting better and Variance + Lack of Importance on poker can affect him even with his limited amount of playing today (1 day a week, 5 days a month) This is all just a guess, but usually what happens with those that fall off the map.

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