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  1. Dyzalot has disappeared a number of times throughout the years when I've known him- so at first (and even now) I don't think this is entirely something to be nervous about as I would with other people. Having said that.. last I know he was in Costa Rica 2 weeks ago, and when I don't hear from someone for a few weeks living in a third world country, that is inherently a little scary. Fwiw, I am his backer and more importantly his friend- and just want to make sure he's safe.
  2. Is Dyzalot ok? I've been trying to reach him for the last 2 weeks (last spoke to him Aug 9) and haven't heard back. I can't tell if there is any truth to this thread or if its all joke and am worried about him. He may like to argue a little much for my tastes, but is overall a good person and I hope all is well with him.
  3. cool write up, look forward to part 2
  4. No War Thread?

    Thanks for the congrats in this thread and for the kind words War. Was fun playing with a p5's OT legend. I thought you played very well.
  5. Congrats to Bukowski101 on winning the $1100 heads up tournament at the Chicago Poker Classic. I don't know many people that have worked harder on their game over the years. Great to see his dedication paying off with a big score like this.
  6. I'm not sure why my profile isn't loading/ it isn't working for me either. I was ranked #1 in 06, but it was before automated rankings, so my profile (when it was accesible) has my highest ranking listed as 8th.
  7. There are times and spots where this would be the optimal line for this spot... not saying it is here, because I don't have enough info on what is going on, but just wanted to play devil's advocate a little. Certainly it's a +ev line as has been mentioned a couple times already.
  8. USCPhildo FT Mil Play

    doesn't seem right, no matter how light or tight they are calling, a2 has better equity than 98 98 31.83% 1,079,261,880 21,482,968 10% 68.17% 2,323,863,152 21,482,968 a2 34.95% 1,054,669,076 93,255,564 10% 65.05% 2,002,714,720 93,255,564 a2 37.91% 1,624,334,768 261,520,376 15% 62.09% 2,744,214,872 261,520,376 98 34.00% 1,705,840,768 34,740,816 15% 66.00% 3,327,838,256 34,740,816 98 34.67% 2,323,336,504 64,207,188 20% 65.33% 4,406,878,580 64,207,188 a2 41.14% 2,428,652,500 400,692,524 20% 58.86% 3,560,973,504 400,692,524
  9. Triple Crown outdated

    I don't mind if they up the prizepool requirement, I'm not trying to make it easier, just think its stupid that people have to grind ub to get one nowadays
  10. Triple Crown outdated

    I know p5's has updated the requirements for a TC a couple of times over the years. I think a new update is needed. The online poker scene has changed a ton since the last update. One of the things that have happened is that virtually all the big tournaments are on 2 sites. Winning a tournament on Cake or Bodog (and to an extent Cereus) is much less prestigious that winning one on Stars or FTP. I believe that award should be changed to reflect this reality. The 3 different site requirement should be dropped and a new clause requiring at least 2 wins to me on FTP/Stars should be implemented. Thoughts?
  11. The_Dean221

    well done, congrats

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