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  1. Well if you want an honest opinion, I think you are wrong in this hand and in a long run you would loose money if you made the same play. Heres why: As you said, your opponent is a loose player, and loose opponents are hard to bluff as they will call no matter the size of the bet, with any pairs draw etc... they don't really care, they hit something and they will commit. Now the flop gives you 3 overcards. yeah cbet is understandable but against player like that even check fold to his bet with 55 would be fine for me, as i know if he has any pair of that board he's not giving up. When he calls the flop, I would give up on turn, there's really no point to try to bluff out loose calling player. Now the river shove is just.... risking all your chips and hoping that by a miracle he missed all those overcards and will fold with some random draw. I think you got a bit lucky at this point that he did't call you off and It just seems too risky to play this way in a long run.

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