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  1. Want bears money line dolphins moneyline 50 each closed after that.
  2. Aew is better at this. They let it happen and he can still be a shit heel with the elite. Still early with cole. He is really good at everything. The boom and beebay think wont ever stop tho. I think they have managed britt baker this way really well.
  3. Reminds me more of Austin. Je was a great heel in that run with kurt angle. . Bit fans loved him too much.
  4. Injate that they still pipe in shit with fans back. Haven't watched tonight. But thst have done it before. Why? Becky is trying. And shes great. But fans love her. Gl turning jer to the fans. Apparently this was her idea.
  5. Always used the surgical ones. Now i still forget to bring one with me.
  6. Me neithet. Can js fine. But iwner told me glass is a real issue.
  7. How r u people not screaming about the glass. Couldnt get a bud light bottle apparently cause glass is a thing.
  8. Ive never said that. Maybe once before i watched portland happen.
  9. Dont be sad. Im sure someone out there likes you. Try and be better?

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