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  1. ACTION SOLD! You can now close this post MOD.
  2. Everything is sold except MOSS #3 - 55$ 150k, and MOSS #42 - 88$ 300k (MAIN EVENT) Still open.
  3. Hello Fivers, I am currently seeking a stake for tomorrow's Sunday Funday on WPN. (considering there have been no DDOS attacks, and been running smooth past week) I am looking for a 30/70 no make up. (you get 70%) The MTTS I am currently interested in are... MOSS #1 - 5.50$ 20k MOSS #2 - 22$ 60k MOSS #3 - 55$ 150k MOSS #41 -22$ 100k MOSS #42 - 88$ 300k (MAIN EVENT) The total is $192.50 Can Either play on ACR/BCP. Funds will be sent immediately after MTT has finished. Thanks for any interest and good luck tomorrow everyone! -Austin-
  4. Yayyyyy. Another Attackament!!!
  5. Are we still having problems with WPN?! Just woke to see anything has changed and it won't load.
  6. yeah...go few hours to NJ and play poker stars. ;)
  7. It's probably b/c Gboro got on and crashed the site. Lmao.
  8. Unreal how pathetic this is.
  9. Is anyone currently having problems w BCP? Last night i entered two tournaments and never was in them and it took them an hour to replace my money. Also this morning they said they were working on a maintanence problem for 4 hours eastern time. When i went to log in i had a message pop up saying that I needed to exit the program for an updated version or to redownload the site. This is still happening. Anyone else having issues?
  10. Im unable to send you a PM because it says your not allowing private messages. Please contact pocketfives or add me as a friend so answer your questions and concerns. -Austin-
  11. I started playing poker for a living around 2009-2010. I always knew how to play ABC poker but never knew what a 3-4 bet was until I was taught better. I was taught the ins and outs of poker. I took every peice of advice I could gather in and turned and tweaked my game that benefited my runs etc. I never thought poker would be a part of my life, but it has. It's sad I live for the game, but it's always been a passion of mine. I went from shit jobs making maybe 1k a month to depsiting 330 on full tilt poker. Made 1,500 first night, took 1,500 and turned into 10k in a week. Quit my job very next day after shipping a nice 30 r for 4-5k. Played full time and had racked up over 50k in wins. Before all this, before poker I was coming off a hard time in my life already considering the friends I had at the time were not the best people to be hanging out with. Went from doing hardcore drugs and doing jail time countless times before I really learned my lesson after going to jail for 3 months for Burglary of Vechiles. I haven't done drugs or committed a crime since 05. I feel content with my life changing for where it is now. I learned that you do have a choice in life no matter what anyone says or what life wants to throw at you. I never once in my life thought I'd ever be given the opporunity to grind poker full time and make the money I did. I have a passion of poker I cannot explain, but life took it's turn on me few months prior to black friday and I went completly broke. Backers at the time took me to Vegas for the 2010 WSOP grind. Did okay, made a few runs, but I knew if I didn't come up over the summer then I would need to get a job. Didn't go go as planned and ended up getting a job. I worked as a call center agent for 18 months. I recenntly was let go, actually the day after x-mass. While I was working this job, I had rediclious runs online/live as well. Was one hand in the red river main event in OKC from changing my life once again, was 21 ppl left and lost with KK to AQ os for 1 mil chips. First was 651k. There has been so many runs I've been close to winning over 6 figure scores, it is very frustrating but I know eventually my time will come because giving up isn't an option. Currently I am living in my apartment with my last month here because I am completly broke, also am not running as good as I wish I could be online. Although 500-1k scores are not bad I am in MU with my current backer and scores like that don't cut it down to make me profit. Waiting out for a few opportunites to arise to possible grind down in Mexcio. Few factors that need to be compromised and I know it will take time until that option is available. So currently just grinding what I can with what I got, will be seilling most of my belongings and be moving to Albama with my parents at the end of this month or mid March, possibly find a part time job, unless a oppournity comes up. It sucks to go from always having a 50-80k bankroll to going bust, not once but several times. So what I am trying to say is if you are out there having a rough time with poker, or life in general...things do better no matter what as long as you have the right mind set and the strive to continue to work hard and never give up. My poker names, also my motto in life has been Never Lose Focus. It has always stuck with me even with my times have been great and also when they've been like what I am going thru. Life has taken me down crazy path's, but I know in the end myself and you if you are having a difficult time just take a breathe because everyday is a new day and anything can happen. We all make mistakes in life and we all have hard times but hopefully this inspires anyone out there because honestly...I am broke, hardly have any money in my account, don't get to do what I want to do, don't have the luxury to even go out and see a movie with my friends or have a drink or two, but I am alive and I am full of potential and so are you. Never Lose Focus guys... Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. -Austin-
  12. Just logged back in and it worked...
  13. pos. cl in like 4 of the 9 i am playing.

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