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  1. I was literally just put in this situation. I wasn't looking for a job, I am happily employed, but was contacted via linkedin and I decided to kinda test the waters, ended up excelling in multiple interviews and was offered a job... But, I chose to stay with my current job with way way way less stress. The job I could have taken was a Senior Development position that paid 40K more than what I am making. I kind of broke it down into pros & cons and mulled it over for a week. Pros ---- Large pay increase Better benefits: Health & Work from home Upward~ish mobility Different client every 3~6 months Cons ----- Larger workload Having to be available 7 days a week if needed Over 50 hours of work a week Tons of interacting with clients 3 months travel (2~3 weeks at a time possible), possibly more (they werent up front with this at first) Working with technologies I wasn't familiar with Working in a software development cycle I had never worked in The technical work wouldn't have been a problem. It's all the other stuff that I had to figure out. The biggest thing I think though is that I have two young children and I want to see them daily. I believe if they were both in school the traveling part wouldn't have been a con. During the week I lost 10lbs just stressing out about what the right decision was, pretty big indicator to me right there that the newer job wasn't gonna be a right fit at this point in my life. Ultimately I decided to stay with my current employer, they are even going to give me a raise. After declining the job, I kinda regret it a tiny bit, but I am young and there will always be more opportunities out there.
  2. There is potential. I feel like 80% of it is ad lib. It would be better if they took some time to write some things out.
  3. Software engineer for the army.
  4. Who still shoots videos vertically?
  5. Dudes got a first round ticket to Guantanamo Bay.
  6. Me & the fam Don't need a fancy ocean, just a lake will do.
  7. Kasandra Perkins Sept. 11, 2012 best day of my life. <3 Zoey <3 Texas born and raised Libra, Love, Laughter, Life, Loyalty Fucking sept 11. Shit is cursed.
  8. Can't believe I went 5 pages deep looking for pics of this dame. This fucking thread sucks.
  9. Fuck bro, open your eyes , AWW SHIT, THEY KICKED HIM IN THE FACE TOO?!?!? DYAUM
  10. pretty sure TwystedPair's Milf did.

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