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  1. I barely posted this year and I get mentioned...not sure how to feel.
  2. I laughed. Consistency obviously is the name of the game for NFL betting.
  3. Thanks for the semi-encouragement? It's tough being a below average Asian male. You don't let down yourself, you let down the entire family. I have no idea how the Dolphins can lose that game. They basically had the 6 seed clinched playing against LOL buffalo and the Ravens playing against NE.
  4. Hey guys, I'm uninsured, what should I do? I live in California and the cheapest option I have for insurance is like 160 bucks a month.
  5. Until this past Sunday, I never approached a random girl in person and asked her for her number. Sick brag Paki btw
  6. Angels signed Ibanez. Adventure with the glove, solid with the bat, hopefully he stays healthy and not turn into Steve Finley.
  7. Surprised at the general lack of A-Rod answers, dude is a cheater who has no common sense and decency.
  8. That's for sure. Koreans hate everyone except white people. LOL Kpop and soap operas, worldwide sensations.
  9. Why do Japanese people hate Koreans so much?

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