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    I am a player that has played in one live tournament at the Mountaineer Casino in West Virginia. I placed 20 out of 121. The nearest casino is 1.5 hours away, but if I lived near, I would be at a casino probably every day. I have played cash at Mount
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    32Red Poker
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    Full Time Poker Player
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    MGM Detroit
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    16-33$ NL HL HU
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    NL Holdem
  1. Congrats man, keep your wife happy, keep poker going:) It is easy winning 5 figures.
  2. I looked over the hand.. I feel that you played it fairly well, obvious fold on river. Starting from the beginning: Your raise pre-flop was ok, but since your position was fairly early, the 3 stacks that were in late position were deeper stacked than you so you would probably expect a call with hands like QJ, AQ, KQ, Q10, etc. Even with the flop, your bet was kind of small, but like I said, if he had a Q, most likely he was calling anything you threw out there. The turn is the trickiest part of the hand...I tend to agree with mainilrules with jamming turn, but also it was tougher to play the KK in earlier position than Kypodel with the board, he could have also flopped it with Q9, you just never know. The turn bet was too small, could have been a tad bit bigger, 2k or so. It was early in the tournament also so losing those chips early weren't as big of a hit to you since blinds were still low. Other than that I feel you got out of the hand much cheaper that what it could have been. You know online poker is just surviving and winning races, keep grinding, your KK will hold soon enough :)

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