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  1. I been chasing retail for about 6 months or so. I dont do it for the money, Im not sure why i do it. Its addicting. I have spread sheets for everything. I try and collect as much as I can while still showing profit, and I have. I have a spread sheet on when and where the vendor went, at what time, and how long it takes her in the back when she first arrives. Its a game of information and educational guessing. Its ridiculous, I know it, my wife knows it, but I like sports and I love prizm basketball. I love it even more when its all free and Im sitting on certain cards that I think will sky rocket in a few years. Plus, Im lucky to be able to do this. I spend around 12 hours a week at Walmarts and Meijer. Its worth it in my opinion. I enjoy it. Feel free to rip me, idc.

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