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    glenn merritts
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    41 yr old new father getting back into poker
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    dfs hiking playing with daughter
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    not cash fan but when i need to make a quick buck blitz poker
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    stt low limit

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  1. btw even if its months down road if u dont see i made swap on here its still avaible unless i post closed
  2. i dont use my checking account for poker and no bitcoin sites accept gift cards that i have found.... i used to moneygram to deposit..so im no rush if someone wants to swap cool if not thats cool to im not going to steal 35 bucks lol been a member of to many staking sites.
  3. ill go as low as 35 on acr and give you 50 on paypal i just want this money on acr lol
  4. Im new here and would send first i bought a gift card i cant deposit with i would give you 50 on paypal for 40 on americas cardroom

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