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  1. Thanks. I wasn't happy to see you on my left when we were reseated for the FT. You played great I was just lucky to win the right flips at the right times.
  2. nice comeback on me hu bro, you were the last one i wanted it to come down to with.
  3. In for both. Sent money to BigGunX on Stars from BadgerPro. Entries are BadgerPro50 and BadgerPro100.
  4. They need to get Vanessa off the phone and call up lilholdem and talk to him.
  5. I pay $60 a month for cingular PC card for the sole reason that my internet might go out costing me thousands in equity (OK, I also use it on the road occastionally but the main reason I bought it was in case of a DC). I see no reason why anyone should feel sorry because you didn't plan ahead.
  6. on break now but it's been going: http://istreampl-2007wcoop.wm.llnwd.net/istreampl_2007wcoop
  7. There was a post on 2+2 about this right after it happened and I know for a fact that quite a few people emailed Stars about the possible collusion so blaming Cliff is ridiculous. He's just the messanger. I personally didn't watch this FT but I have followed the threads on it. I have a hard time believing that Stars would take action without the collusion being fairly obvious. Frosty, Like others have said post your cards for the FT and post specific hands you played against the other player in question and explain any slightly quetsionable plays you may have made against him (or just explain every hand you two were involved together in). Also you haven't made any claims saying you don't know the other player. You lived in the same town and while it could just be coinincidence, did you know him? I'm not sure how your stats prove you're not a cheater... if they are good it would almost be evidence the other way. I don't want you to think I'm accusing/attacking you but if there was evidence you colluded than it is now up to you to prove otherwise. Badger
  8. No, I play very little live poker. A few times at Poto and I might hit up HoChunk again now that they have poker back. I used to play at Cuenique when they had their tournaments.
  9. I had a big chip lead 3 handed for awhile and then lost twice when I flopped top set to a turned straight where I'm pretty sure I lost the min and then top two pair to another turned straight where I also had flush draw outs to the river. If either of those flops hold 3 handed would have been over much quicker. After those hands I dropped down and then chipped back up to take the lead again and if you noticed I never had to put all my chips in the middle while we were 3 handed. I continually played small ball with them and took advantage where I could. And yes once I got the slight chip lead back I started to run over them again and apply pressure as the chip leader. I thought it was pretty clear heading into the break that they were just holding on trying to slide into 2nd and I really wasn't suprised when they jumped at the chance to chop 2nd and 3rd place money.
  10. Yeah, I did think about that and while it would be cool to get more than 1st place money I'm not looking to 'rip' off the other guys with a ridiculous deal. With how quickly they agreed to the deal I probably could have gotten more but I'm was happy with 14k and not having to worry about losing 3 flips and only getting $7k was well worth sacraficing $255. Like I said I thought the deal was rather fair. I also final tabled both of the nightly $109s taking 3rd and 4th so it was a sick night overall.
  11. I don't see what was so funny? Stacks: Seat 2: BadgerPro (7680075 in chips) Seat 3: justinu (1350360 in chips) Seat 4: MetalStack (1830065 in chips) Blinds would be 70k/140k after the break leaving them each with about 10BBs. Payouts were about 14,255, 7255, and 5000. chop was 14k for me :) and 6.2k (or so) for each of them. If you were watching the table right before the break I was pretty much running over the table and it seemed like they were both hanging on trying to move up to second place money. A chip chop would have given me 13.4k so it wasn't that far off. I ended up winning it anyways.
  12. The hand at the end of the Jeff is busto thread is better. This hand is an obv and easy call.
  13. Thought I would help Jeff out by giving him a big stack in the 100r: PokerStars Game #7331578161: Tournament #37162668, $100+$9 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (100/200) - 2006/12/06 - 21:48:08 (ET) Table '37162668 27' 9-max Seat #2 is the button Seat 1: Rizen (7290 in chips) Seat 2: BadgerPro (16460 in chips) Seat 3: kastell (14247 in chips) Seat 4: ActionJeff (10949 in chips) Seat 5: FlyingSumo (21208 in chips) Seat 6: lollasen (5915 in chips) Seat 7: Bjorn_I_Hi (7050 in chips) Seat 8: chach777 (11815 in chips) Seat 9: Jenn415 (25223 in chips) Rizen: posts the ante 25 BadgerPro: posts the ante 25 kastell: posts the ante 25 ActionJeff: posts the ante 25 FlyingSumo: posts the ante 25 lollasen: posts the ante 25 Bjorn_I_Hi: posts the ante 25 chach777: posts the ante 25 Jenn415: posts the ante 25 kastell: posts small blind 100 ActionJeff: posts big blind 200 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to BadgerPro [8s 8h] FlyingSumo: folds lollasen: folds Bjorn_I_Hi: folds chach777: folds Jenn415: raises 600 to 800 Rizen: folds BadgerPro: calls 800 kastell: folds ActionJeff: raises 2325 to 3125 Jenn415: folds BadgerPro: raises 8875 to 12000 ActionJeff: calls 7799 and is all-in *** FLOP *** [Jc 7d Kc] *** TURN *** [Jc 7d Kc] [2c] *** RIVER *** [Jc 7d Kc 2c] [7c] *** SHOW DOWN *** ActionJeff: shows [3h 6c] (a flush, King high) BadgerPro: shows [8s 8h] (two pair, Eights and Sevens) ActionJeff collected 22973 from pot kastell said, "lol" lollasen said, "lol"

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