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  1. Stopped playing at ACR over 4 months ago due to them cheating me out of money I withdrew. So these scum send me a MOSS Cube in mail with $25 loaded to account... fkin WP. Hopped on last week and spun up a little roll only to find out they still are one of the worst sites you can possibly play at. Constant DDoS attacks with copy/ paste replies from support lmfao. On a happier note... I read a snippet of the Shrubs thread and 10/10 will read again. Shit is golden.
  2. I haven't used the check option for years, but I always said I do business online. The tellers don't really care... the managers might. Use bitcoin 100% best option and clears very quick.
  3. Cashed out my roll and quit playing on ACR weeks ago. Scum site with even more scum management. Time for ACR to bite the dust imho.
  4. I received no such email and it's pretty bad it took 2 years to take out this so called money I owed lmfao... You guys are a joke and I will be withdrawing the rest of my bankroll asap.
  5. Recently withdrew 1k via bitcoin from ACR due to the sketchy problems occurring. Logged in the next day to see my withdrawal cancelled and $540 taken from the original amount. Two different reps claimed it was from a deposit that didn't go through (from 2 years ago) which I was never informed of... meanwhile the past 2 years I've done plenty of withdrawals with no issue. Not only are my past cash outs beyond this year not accessible through my account, but I honestly believe this was made up. Seems really sketch especially while all these issues are occurring. Anyone else getting deja vu? Any
  6. Impending doom warning... attempted to withdraw $1k of my bankroll off ACR last night. I signed in this evening only to find the withdrawal was cancelled and I only had half the amount of the withdrawal in my account. Hopped on live chat with 2 different reps to tell me it was something from 2 years ago where a deposit didn't go through. Somehow I was never informed of this and they took it upon themselves to relieve half my withdrawal without warning. Talk about a scam...
  7. Emailed support yesterday with each tourney name, guarantee, and buy-in amount explaining I couldn't access or open the tables. Refunded the full amount of each tourney I bought into. Can't hate on a site that admits problems and does everything they can to fix the issue. Basically a free roll... if you bust you're refunded and if you ship easy game.
  8. Rofl dude you probably are part of the promo. If you read the benefits of the redroom seems to match up nicely with your cashout experience. Haven't heard of anyone having the same prepaid debit card as you. Either way it's a dope option congrats on getting it.
  9. I guess they gave me 1st place $ anyways. Would've been so pissed with anything less :)
  10. Also, had my VFF Xfer canceled the other day saying they were unable to process. Check and Bitcoin by far the best way to go.
  11. If I'm not mistaken I think you are part of the red room promotion. I've been trying to get into that dam red room promo for so long haha :/
  12. I bet bov gives our buy ins back and says oops sry. Then pockets the remaining ~4k prize pool so sick...
  13. Yeah... I am chip leader 1/3 of the 109 turbo and the other 2 stacks are shorties...................
  14. I wouldn't sweat it. Done many cashouts via coinbase and no issues. Just thought I'd point the fine print out ;)
  15. I recommend you do your own research on bitcoins, but I use coin base and bread for wallets. To enable the withdrawal option for bitcoins you have to deposit the minimum which I think is $25 via bitcoin. Some wallets like coin base allow you to convert bitcoins to dollars then you'd put them in your bank account.

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