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    David Skuballa
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    Baden-Württemberg, Germany


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    Just 2 wasted 2 work!
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    J9 of spades
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    Student, Semi-professionell Poker player
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    Alte Weinstube, Kings-Casino in Rozvadow
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    Meeting friends, Sport, Smoking Shisha, Travelling, Party
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    44$ 4-Max at Pokerstars

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  1. Hello pocketfives-community, I am starting by introducing myself, my name is David Skuballa and I am a grinder from Germany. At the beginning of next year I will start selling shares on a daily basis. I am basically playing rebuys from 5-33$ and freezouts from 10-100€ with solid and deep structure on several sites including Pokerstars, Pokerstars.fr, Fulltilt, Winamax,Ipoker,Microgaming. My daily schedule during week is going to be about 2800$ (markup of 1.25 included). I am pretty sure my ROI and the fact that I play deep structures and no turbos is justifying the markup and buying shares should be +EV for you. (65% ROI in over 8k games ) Here is my alltime graph including all my poker nicknames. http://de.sharkscope.com/#Player-Statistics//networks/Player%20Group/players/David%20Skuballa?filter=Class:SCHEDULED Id prefere to sell my % directly in skype instead of reposting my schedule every day and sell to some strangers.This way money stays in the community and its less stress for me. Therefore I am looking for dudes who buy shares on a daily basis or at least rather frequently. If you are seriously interested in buying shares, you can add me in skype (david.skuballa). I will send you my schedule then. You should rather act quickly since my daily package should be sold out pretty fast. Cheers.

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