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    I'm just a Pizza lovin' guy from Columbus, OH! I'm a radio show host/poker player that loves Netflix binging, twitch streaming, going to concerts, and comedy clubs! Check me out at twitch.tv/banejahpoker!
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    10-8 suited
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    Rio Las Vegas
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    Walks in big cities, going to new resturants, traveling
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    The Colossus (WSOP)

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  1. Hey Everyone!! You can check out our website at binknation.com! I hope you all enjoy our show! Details coming SOON on a new way to catch Cooltart and me, Bane Jah, on the hottest new show, Bink Nation! #DoYouEvenBinkBro?!? We Bring you the latest news from the poker world, online and live, we review poker movies, gambling style movies, how many binks do YOU give it?? DO NOT MISS IT!! We cant wait to hear from you! You also can follow the Instagram account at @bink_nation! #BinkNation Now, don't forget to head to the website, binknation.com and sign up for the emails! Next, head over to twitch.tv/banejahmeen and hit that follow button to join me LIVE as I wreck the online poker world...or get wrecked...but I GUARANTEE one will happen and we will have a great time!! Thank you all and #BinkLife!

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