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  1. Back in the day on Absolute, won close to 3k in a tourney. It was my best cash at the time Lost it all in a matter of 10 minutes on blackjack. It was the best feeling in the world followed by the absolute worst feeling in the world. I remember running bad for months after that. Ahhhh the good ol days
  2. i somehow reistered for a 4 dollar rebuy. now all i can access is pot limit games even though i have it set right for all. is this a normal occurance now a days? haven't been around in a while, but if that's the case, i sure as hell don't want this aggravation
  3. Anyone else having problems trying to access their lobby?
  4. Okay, cancelled my check by courier on bodog and requested a rapid moneygram transfer today (10/31). Got all the sender info and picked up my money same day (10/31). Paid a fee, but same day is pretty good. Well done bodog!
  5. Okay, I cancelled the check by mail and requested a Rapid transfer payout (moneygram). I'm paying a $45 fee, but I'm hoping the process is a lot quicker than check by mail. Anyone have any success using this method? And if so, how long did it take? Bodog's telling me 4-5 days which seems absurd considering it takes 30 minutes to deposit using this method.
  6. My deposit went through successfully via moneygram. Just requested a check by courier. Anyone have any input on how long the checks take? Do they clear? Anyone know if the DOJ will be shutting down the sites still running?
  7. Pretty sure if I don't get my ftp money...I'm gonna post here in a week about the DOJ or FTP Doug or some shit. Either way I'll still be unemployed
  8. That's probablly the case with all these sites. These sites should set up wu and moneygram for cashouts. That can't be illegal
  9. On cake now. probablly wouln't use a credit card or bank acct to fund it though. I western unioned 250 to help with the withdrawals. live poker sucks by me and i don't give a shit if i ever see this 250 again. software isn't too bad
  10. So you're saying the check initially cleared, you got the money, then money was returned to your pokerstars account? Or the money is just completely gone, vanished? If this is the case, a lot of people are going to wake up tomorrow with their bank accounts drained! Myself included. What about all the successful deposits poker players made? Will they be returned to us or are we completely fucked at this point?
  11. 1,012 likes, 16 dislikes [video=youtube;-wzwF3upH-A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wzwF3upH-A
  12. 109 likes, 0 dislikes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yFH7oCxsOI
  13. "naw naw naw, you insulted him a lil bit yourself" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oP1NMB_I0s

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