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  1. Looking for a Pokerstars - PA player interested in swapping % in the Bigger buyins, I play mid stakes, trying to decrease variance, in the mtts > $50. we can work out details , tourney by tourney or a 5 tourney package. Must: Have Sharkscope unlocked - breakeven or profitable over decent sample size on Pokerstars PA or ACR recently. Have ability to transfer funds outside of Pokerstars, since no player to player transfer. Have an understanding of swaps, and not looking for collusion, if we end up at same table. Prefer decent cashes on P5s. Message me and we can discuss.
  2. If you find any would be interested in it too.
  3. If anyone hears of any good promos or sites MTT schedules. would love to see some links here. GL Fivers in PA
  4. My standard open would be a little bigger around bubble (depending on BB stack and 3b%). Put pressure on short stacks. His 99 flat on button is odd (assuming he is folding if one of the blinds shoves, but allows the blinds to see flops profitably against 99. I think a player flatting here is still flatting to 3x, so nothing changes. 1. I dont think you can bet small and fold as you will have a STP ratio under 1. 2. checking allows him to check behind with Ax, and one pair hands, 3. check / folding seems to weak. 4. shoving is only targeting TT and JJ and A9s, but will deny equity to overs. I dont see AK in his range, unless stone cold bubble and his is super tight, so denying equity to the few Ax hands he has here doesn't really matter. I think if he was biggest stack left to act PF, I just profitably shove a 14bb range rather than having an open range from CO and Button to apply maximum pressure. If one of the blinds is a bigger stack i go to a 2.2 - 2.8x with big hands some i intend to call off and some I intend to fold to 3b from bigger stacks. No matter how you played this one, someone that flats button with 99 here will only be set mining with incorrect odds and he got lucky that you had an overpair the time he hit his set.
  5. Now that the BBJ is gone all $.25 is going to the beast Prize pool and it is much easier to show a nice profit from this promo. I am considering giving up the tournaments one month and making a run for this promo, but I need to get better at 20 tabling. Right now I messing around with 10-14 tables for short sessions and not a lot of volume. I am averaging 35points per 100 hands with a -0.5bb/100 win rate (more correctly loss rate), but when you factor in the 35% rakeback and the potential beast winnings this looks pretty profitable. My major problem is discipline and having to give up the tournaments. When I factor in the lost income from playing the tournaments there is a potential for negative results if I can't hang with the volume. If anyone knows any software (table management software) like "Mergekeys" for WPN, a quick post would be greatly appreciated. GL at the tables.
  6. I haven't read a good poker book in over a year, and I think the next avenue I am going to go down is dealing with GTO (game theory optimal). Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Best option is spend $100 on Poker tracker 3 and spend a couple weeks learning about it and how to use it. This is a must do.
  8. would need your Hud Stats to answer that question. May be folding to 3b too much, Could be not stealing enough in LP. or it could be just not enough tournaments played to deal with the variance.
  9. I haven't had any cashes updated from BlackChip Poker since 11/25? Is there a problem with the tracking for this period?
  10. +1 ....Loose Passive would not be firing Pot - Pot. Don't be a hero here and find a better spot to 3 barrel the passive player.

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