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  1. complices = accomplices i guess... <---- Excuse my english.
  2. Yeah and Partouche obv knew wat was going on because the Italian player (3rd place finisher) told em that they looked suspicious + it seems that the guy who brought the video told em the same thing and they rewied the video and they said that nothing was suspect or something, obv they dont wanna have a bad image... so they are kind of complice... Excuse my english, hope u understand what i mean lol. And for information Rossi had been banned from French casino since 2009 just after the Partouche tournament...
  3. Yeah, as u said, "fortunately gone" , every year there is a scandal...
  4. Yeah my english is ont gr8 but the "were affected" made me think u were sarcastic lol... No problem, gl guys.
  5. Ah, sorry i tought u were sarcastic with me lol, thats why i said "cool guy". But no, like i said there is a big buzz about this video in some french forums so, i tought it was a good thing to do.
  6. This is the same tournament but not the same year, i guess every year there is a scandal in this tournament... U shoud google it or maybe find it on 2+2, cant find an other video. U MUST WATCH THIS ONE!!!
  7. @Wacky :You hope i've been affected by this? Thank you lol, cool guy. No i didn't, but i'm French and there is a big "buzz" about this thing since 2 days, so i tought it was a good thing to post this here. @Lenail : Yes this is true, believe me lol!
  8. Maybe u've heard about it, just below i give u the link (almost) proving that guys were chatings in the final table of the Partouche Poker Tour ( France, French Riviera).
  9. Looool 1+R hyper turbo wtf???

  10. Hey , you are not AQUA RAIDER...

  11. sent... Well whatever, i ve sent the money, if it doesnt works let me know.

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