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  1. If youve only seen her for one date in 3 weeks theres nothing there. When you first meet someone youre into them and you want to see them a lot. After 3 weeks if she only found time for one date with you its for a reason. Chilllllllll the fuck out on wanting to jump right into dating and a relationship broseph. You only kissed girl number one. I think you realllllllllly want to be in a relationship and are trying to fill that want with anyone that will take you up on it. You need to chill out or youre going to come off realllllllly weird to chicks when youre with them kind of how you are in all your posts here. How is girl 1 going to see girl 2 at your place? Does she work across the hall? Does she have cameras on your place at night when girl 2 would most likely be coming by? Why does it even matter if she sees her shes only made time to see you one time in 3 weeks and i assume that was 3 weeks ago without another date after that. Hate to be blunt but shes not into you and you shouldnt give a fuck what the girl thinks about you or who you bring around her cause shes obviously not making time for you so its whatever. Youre single you dont owe any girl anything especially one thats not showing any interest in you. IDC what anyone tells you.... if a girl is into you what so ever and shes on the fence the easiest way to make her mind up for you is to let her see you with another girl and be jealous about it. They want something they cant have not a guy thats trying to be in a relationship after hanging out one time. Absolutely not you dont tell her anything and you hang out at your place whenever you want with her. Youre not a player bro bro. Youre just interacting with whatever girls are available to you in your radar that you feel attracted to. SO what if you asked out a girl a year ago that works there? Girl 1 seems lame for even bringing that up its none of her damn business who youve talked to in the past or now since youre not together. Youre not lying about anything, she gave you one hour 3 weeks ago... she clearly isnt interested in anything with you cause you havent seen her again so why does it matter what you do in the future with a new girl? You act like cause you went out and hung out with a girl you cant do anything else and you have to think about them if you possibly want to hang out with a different girl. Youre single with a relationship mind set about everything you gotta get over that. SHES JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Honestly the first couple weeks and months of anything that turns into anything is the golden time. Youre together all the time and all you want to do is be around that person... if you guys went out one time and she hasnt hit you up to go out more or made a way to find time and see you again then its cause shes just not interested and shes just being nice with the hope that you will just lose interest without her having to be like "hey pgh can you pls stop texting me i dont wanna go out on a date" Youre not looking like a player dude, you only kissed a girl if you were slopping hoz back to your place and banging them on the hood of your car in the parking lot then maybe you would look like a player but as of now youre not. CHILL THE FUCK OUT!!!! just chill with whatever girl you set up time with and be in the moment dont worry about iin a month or down the road just enjoy your time you cant plan the future if theres no present. ok this is crazy... youre planning a year down the line what you would do with your life with a girl that youve spent literally one hour with and havent gone on a second date... cmon mannnnnnnnnn chillllllll outtttt...

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