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  1. I'll be playing 75-80% of events, will most likely be max late regging the low events
  2. Received money. GG Dan, kinda unfortunate you ran this poorly, but props on the heart for taking a difficult bet, was interested to see that you could get over 25k in buyins in a 10 day span in NJ. Also didn't realize how drastic the Sunday schedule is compared to a weekday, IMO the bet came down to the two Sundays, if you ran good on both you'd have a pretty decent shot. Anyway, thanks for the quick sent of money and making this easy to follow along, hope you get out of this DS quick! Also thanks to Dennis for holding the money!
  3. Hi all, My name is Jerrad and I play full time, predominantly at 6 max cash with my main stake being 200 NL, which I've beaten this year for about 4.4 EVbb (in the midst of a big downswing here). Looking to play a pretty big schedule of NJSCOOP this year mostly cause it's just a ton of fun and I'd rather not lose too much playing tournaments. Full disclosure, I don't play many tournaments, and my play between 20-40 bb leaves a lot to be desired but should have a pretty decent edge on 50>bb and greater. Looking to sell upto 50% of my action, and also planning to stream some of the events I play. Total Buyin of events I'm playing is $5,110 and I'll play regardless of how much I sell. Any events I don't play will be refunded. I'll take money through paypal or venmo. Paypal: Jerradpawar1@gmail.com Venmo: Jpaw23 If you have any questions, just comment below or shoot me an email. SCOOP SCHEDULE Event 8 H 1R1A- $300 Event 8 L 1R1A-$50 Event 9 H HU-$300 Event 9 L HU- $30 Event 10 L 8 Game- $50 Event 11 H bubble rush- $200 Event 11 L bubble rush- $20 Event 12 H 6max rebuy 2x- $100 Event 12 L 6 max rebuy 2x- $20 Event 13 L PLO win the button- $30 Event 14 H NLHE Deep Turbo- $200 Event 14 L NLHE Deep Turbo- $25 Event 15 H NLHE Deepstack 8 max - $200 Event 15 L NLHE 2x 8 max -$40 Event 16 H HORSE -$100 Event 16 L HORSE 2x - $40 Event 17 H Progressive Super KO - $150 Event 17 L Progressive Super KO 2x- $30 Event 18 H Sunday Special - $300 Event 18 L NLHE- $50 Event 20 H NLHE turbo -$300 Event 20 L NLHE turbo 2x -$60 Event 21 H NLHE 4 max- $300 Event 21 L NLHE 4 max 2x- $40 Event 23 H NLHE - $300 Event 23 L NLHE 2x- $60 Event 24 L Highroller-$100 Event 25 H progressive super ko-$200 Event 25 L progressive superko 2x- $40 Event 27 H NLHE -$100 Event 27 L NLHE 2x -$30 Event 28 H NLHE Big stack turbo -$150 Event 28 L NLHE big stack turbo 2x- $50 Event 31 mixed plo/NLHE Ko -$200 Event 31 L 2x- $50 Event 32 H Main Event -$500 Event 32 L Main Event 2x- $100 Event 34 H SUpersonic- $75 Event 34 L supersonix 2x -$30 Event 35 H NLHE Deep -$150 Event 35 L NLHE deep 2x- $40

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