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    Started playing online poker in March 2003 with my first and only $25 deposit. Have won 115 MTT online now,won seats to the WPT in Aruba in 2003 and 2004, and the WSOP Main Event in 2006. Continue to grind $10-$50 MTT with the occasional satalitte t
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    Teacher - Poker (poker about 50% of my income)
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    Venetian Las Vegas, NV
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    An absolute sports nut
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    1-2 NL holdem at the Venetian
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    HORSE cause most people are so bad at some of the games

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  1. Some things before even considering this a go. What is your current hourly at 1/2? This year? Career? You mentioned grinding tournaments online. What's your roi there? What's your average buy in? Before even considering embarking on be the journey you need to know if you are even a winning player and if so are you winning enough to at least cover living expenses, have a 6 month nest egg, and is there any room left over in profit to eventually move up to 2-5. If you don't know the answers about the first part of if you are even a winning player you need to just do this part time until that is established. If you know your stats and are a winning player then can you answer yes to those other questions. If not then time for more study and play part time till those questions are all a yes. After that then if you are all yes then go for it. Know this playing for a living is very stressful. I did this somewhat for about 2 years after college while I sub taught. Still grinding part time now that I am a full time teacher for past 13 years but it is alot less stressful when you have a full time job and don't need the money for food, rent, bills etc. Good luck either way. You will probably ignore my early advice if those answers were unknown or a no, but if you actually want to make it a career or part time career then you need to have this approach otherwise you are just gambling which is fine cause that's how grinders make their money.

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