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  1. Big Brother

    What a joke of a move by CBS, and LOL @ BB21 twitter and all the sheep who continue to scream "RACIST" without being able to provide proof. Michie may not have been the best person around, and I'm not defending everything he said, but in my opinion there was ZERO actual proof of racism (feel free to prove me wrong, because MAYBE I"m missing something, but so far NOBODY has shown me any video proof). He was video'd/mic'ed up 24/7 for almost 100 days, and you're telling me nobody can provide any actual proof of racism, yet everyone continues to accuse him of it? Shame on CBS. I DID see the clip where Michie and Jack were in kitchen and there were mumbled words that many people WANT to be the N-word (it's possible it was, but it's also easy to hear what you "want" to hear). Don't get me wrong, that would be TERRIBLE if he called someone the N-word, but a mumbled 1/2 second clip is in no way evidence to me when he was recorded 24/7 for 100 days, and that's all the "proof" you have? You'd think if a racist was video'd 24/7 for 100 days it would be EASY to prove he's a racist. I've seen others claiming that his 4 "banishment" choices were racism LOL. Those were the 4 EASIEST, most OBVIOUS choices. Kemi was a SHIT game player and didn't feel the need to plead her case like everyone else did. EVERYONE hated her. Did they go to far with comments about her, probably, but I've yet to see a racist comment Michie made. I did NOT watch all the livestreams, but I've googled, and youtubed, and can't seem to find any actual proof, just everyone screaming "RACIST" and then when you ask for proof, they just say "it's so obvious" or "just google it" or "if you don't see it, then you're a racist too!". Fucking people these days.... Would be happy to change my opinion if I saw actual proof. I didn't like Michie the whole season, but wanted him to win at the end because it got to a point where you can't deny his ability to win physical and mental challenges, while pulling off some pretty sweet lies. Just so sad Julie was constantly cutting off the Final 2's time's, giving them each 1 minute to beg for 500k, just so she knew there would be a full 10 minutes to accuse Michie of being a racist. 2019 folks.

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