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  1. Hey everyone, Frederick Ferrell here, looking to sell 30-40% of my upcoming Vegas Summer Packages. This is the 2nd time that I am selling a package. I play as the name BiggDaddy on WSOP and Borgata, and Scooby-D0O on pokerstars NJ. Here’s a little bit about me, I’m currently ranked #8 in NJ for midstake tournaments, and I’m ranked 8th overall for the NJ Online Player of the Year race for WSOP. I peaked at number 1 in NJ if that means anything on pocketfives. I been putting a lot of time into poker online and recently been playing some live MTTS. I won a WSOP ring at Harrahs AC last month and few days after almost final tabled the next event but I fell short and came in 10th. I been trying to play a lot of live, I am trying to get a big score. Last year was pretty cool I came in 1st place in PokerStars NJSCOOP leaderboard and represented team USA for Americas Cup Of Poker, here is a little article. https://www.pokerstars.com/en/blog/2016/a-welcome-americas-cup-of-poker-return-f-162258.shtml I will be playing my hardest every day to my full extent and will take no days off if possible. I want to play mostly all the valued multi tournaments in vegas this summer and try to come home really happy with how everything turned out. Here is a link to my henodomob for the little bit of live stuff I cashed . I would like to take this opportunity and try to have a break out summer. That’s the goal. http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=364876&_ga=1.233327582.1781810797.1464827205# Below I have 2 packages, the first link is for the first 2 weeks and the 2nd link is for the last 2 weeks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lI2MTKbRCfrDa1-RxJAEKwT3lyOKSKVJpXTTFkPlUbI/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fPUgEnaq1S_g3X1M-B6HC73UD_Ble6QuQxaCnIrYHN4/edit?usp=sharing I have close to $800k in combined winnings on the NJ sites since it launched in New Jersey. I can accept PayPal, WellsFargo surepay or Chase Quick Pay for payments. Any unused bullets will be refunded with markup. All investors are responsible for their portion of the taxes, should there be any winnings. If you do not want the winnings taxed i will withhold 30% anything over 5000. Any sponsorships, trophies, etc, will be my sole possession, in the event that I win anything big! Thanks for your investments and good luck to us! I Hope I can give US a BIG SWEAT!!!!!!!!.....Hope I included everything that I was supposed to in this thread thanks again for taking your time to read this

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