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    i am getting better but would love help from someone...if any of you out there would like to help Pm me...thanks
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    32Red Poker
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    Timeshare Sales
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    Las Vegas
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    .25 PL
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    4.4 180 man

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  1. Any Advice here needed, Right now im playing 11 and under mtt buy ins on stars, having trouble laying down big hands, Today for example I had JJ on the button in the 11 dollar 30k gurannte i was in the money so that was a good thing, My stack was 45k Utg raised 3k and then a guy shoves 12k and im sitting here thinking wat do i do!!!! well the donk i am i shipped it and the utg raiser calls, he has QQ and the guy that shipped 12k had KK, well lets just say we trippled him up and i was sitting here with my Thumbs up my Butt!!! After talking to a freind he said JJ was an OBv fold in that Spot, I dont know about you all but i just am having a hard time laying down big hands....Thanks for your input!!!

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