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  1. All of this was said in txt messages a month prior to me coming to Florida. Then nothing was ever stated again... Am i lying about how the conversation went before you went to Ky? And then again... am I lying about how the conversation went about living arrangements? Im sure you will mis remember for the sake of your argument but that facts are that what i stated is 100% true. I never tried to weasel out of the deal... once i started losing and you saw that i was unhappy being there, and once i told you i was not interested in living with you... YOU saw a perfect opportunity to weasel YOURSELF out of backing me any further! when I told you that i would come back and play you said you weren't interested anymore. You weren't interested in backing me anymore and were looking for a scapegoat to get yourself out of backing me I said i was all for moving south... then i said "But we can talk more bout it once I get there." the fact is... we talked about it like i stated earlier. The conversations were exactly like said them. I remember them very plainly. 2 weeks after you had already agreed to a make up deal it was STILL UNDETERMINED whether or not i would be living full time with you and Jay. And as for the physical threats... regardless of you being a hot head and losing your cool or whatever... if you wanna get serious about it... thats grounds enough to have to arrested for terroristic threatening.

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