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  1. The Poker Queens Documentary is an amazing look into a world unknown to many of us. However, after watching it you walk away understanding much more than the game of poker.The writer (Sandra Mohr aka Black Widow at https://stakekings.com/player/Black_Widow) takes you seamlessly through the many social nuances of women competing in the dominantly male game of poker. It draws attention to the details and challenges female poker pros encounter in the professional world of poker.What I found so interesting (but not surprising) is how much skill, discipline and intelligence women seem to have over their male counterparts. The film highlights the natural intuitive nature of women as a force to be reckoned with.This movie is stylistically flawless and draws you in from the start.The direction, the player interviews, and the surprise elements of the film are (well, see it for yourself). It's a film you will want to watch more than once.An absolute must see....you will not be disappointed in any way.To male poker players; you should definitely see it...you could learn a lot about your female opponents while looking at beautiful women..a win win.

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