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  1. I live in mcnutt now so fuck yall haters
  2. FR would be better than nothing but omg 6max>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FR
  3. " i dont think thats right. i didnt see the antes at first, but hes getting 1 .54/1 sooooo 59-60%ish" awesome. ill be back to talk more strategy here
  4. I am just as jealous/think vietcong is just as horrible as the next person, but ship happens you are way more of a POS than he will ever be. Seriously grow uppppppppppppppppp you are the most annoying person I've ever played with.
  5. "I'm soooooo thankfull I chose pocketfives over 2+2. " me too
  6. raise/calling j6o, limp calling 79o, playing 80/60 pf, ya know the standard. sigh final tables
  7. well he was opening 10x every hand, 3x potting every street, so i'm going to go with 1, possibly 3, and add a 4. worst player ever
  8. also, running good does not make you a sick player

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