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  1. BUMP! for the 2011 Stars get this shit fixed already!!! Please.
  2. No they haven't fixed this, but apparently ur not the only one that thought they had. From Stars when I emailed them a link to this thread: Hello, Thank you very much for contacting PokerStars. Please note that this issue has already been fixed. If you do not see the name of the tournament on the top of the table, please send us a screen capture of what you see. Sent the screenshot of all my tables only showing the tourney ID etc. Not sure what they thought they fixed, but maybe it will be soon.
  3. Sooo many updates on Stars and this still hasn't been addressed?? C'mon Stars, bump/cosign etc.
  4. UB echeck (now bank transfer) has $0 fee and takes less than a week. Paper checks suck.
  5. Of course not. Nobody would. Regardless of what they say in a forum.
  6. Wow CEREUS please never run this promo EVER again!! Or at least change it back to the original Perfect 10 system. This system is str8 retarded! How can I win 2 of these tournaments in the same day and my weekly score not even budge?? With this system u basically have to hope to get lucky in 1 of 3 tourneys during peak hours and all the rest throughout the day are pointless cuz they don't generate enough players to help anybody. Worst system ever. Not to mention everybody stalls and plays tight trying to make more points while eveybody else plays normal.
  7. I actually like watching Tony G lately, but he was wayyyy outta line toward Robl. Was bad enough when in the hand vs him, but calling the clock in a cash game in a hand he wasn't even involved in was disgraceful. And the manner in which he did it made it even worse (standing up and yelling etc) And yea Daniel has lost alot of respect from me and most of his former fans. Dude gets owned by every player on every TV show, so ends up head hunting the loose cannon here every episode. Pretty pathetic.
  8. Exactly this, except my FT ended at 9pm.. Great tourney tho. And the daily is $175 nightly is $125, unless has changed.
  9. No but their tourney lobbys freeze up at least once an hour and makes u have to restart. Pretty tilting.
  10. Thread is perfect timing. Was just thinking this. After worst downswing of my life, finally made 2 FTs at same time on Stars and had one day before, another one couple days before that, and won a small tourney same time as the 2 FTs. Total winnings could have been ~22k but after some 5th-8th finishes only made ~5k
  11. Has this France/Italy law already passed? So no more french and italian players on Stars anymore?? :(
  12. So I guess we don't get a daily LB update this time either? Just gotta go at it blind and guesstimate ur position, awesome!

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