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  1. HAND 1--I am personally calling here for the single fact that I know the sb will ISO pretty light vs the initial allins percieved range--i feel a fold is fine because you have 50 bbs behind and plenty of room to work on a bubble of the biggest tourney on the network, however this is definitely the toughest field on the network where you sometimes have to take less edge spots....i feel he is probably making this play alot with A7s+ and KQ, obv he is going to wake up with some pairs here and there where u are flipping for 100 bb pots, but longterm vs this ISOer I think calling is profitable HAND 2-- I dont have much info on these 2 players either which makes me lean more toward a fold---the small sample of hands i do have on them seem fishy, however most of the similar stats to this are never cold 4b allin light and this field is the softest field on the network IMO where you can easily find better spots. I think this is a fold

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