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    Just trying to fake it till I make it
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    Sports, golf, soccer, disc golf, going out, hanging out with friends, being a degan, you know all the cool stuff!
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    NL/PL HE, $1/$2 to $2/$4
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $20 to $50

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  1. fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, does not compute! This right here is why I hate the Packers! Yes, I'm from here, no I don't like the Packer and no I don't think Lambaeu holy ground!
  2. Anything you know about me leaving the team is straight out of Jerome's mouth, way to buy in just like I did. Way to hijack a thread tho. Seems odd all 13 of your posts have something to do with me, stalk more tho. Thanks for proving my point champ! Tell Jerome I said hi!
  3. Would just like to say fuck em bucky! Second half was a pretty much beat down! Huge bounce back win after losing a close one @ MSU. Beating #3 Duke at the time and now #4 Purdue both at home, wins over Zona and Maryland on neutral sites. Badger are already putting a great tourney resume together, would love to see it hold up!
  4. WTF was he thinking? Degan much?
  5. You going to watch the game with Chester then? Sigh, I live in Wisconsin but hate the Packers. I'm going to bar to watch the game with friends but they won't let me sit with them
  6. Please don't let poker be in this!!!! Poker does not equal gambling! Why does this have to come on when the Badger are killing the Boilermakers?
  7. SFThis!!! ^^^^^^^^^ I think any backer that has had an issue with a horse should be able to make it public and make a list of people they feel should not be backed. But I also think it's a thin line, there could be plenty of backers making lists like this because of personal issues completely out of the business of it.
  8. A scammer according to someone that is currently backed by my old backer, hmmmmm? I mean you just spew drama and I think it's cute. Dude seriously, why do you think that the three best players left his team? Basti, Petja and myself all left, leaving you team with one good player in Ronnie. The rest of you are micro and $4/180 grinders. I had a good month with Jerome, profiting 4K. Dude wanted to "bump" to a $7 ABI, so I left. Please by all means tho, keep bringing 2p2 drama in here if you must. Your posts obv mean so much to me and everyone else here. I'm an awful player and a scammer, blah blah blah. Hope it makes you and LOL "Team Goofy" feel better about yourselves. I'll just continue to do me and crush, k thx.
  9. From my late, great, grandfather: "Be like god and love em all!" Pertaining to women obv!
  10. I can't let all my secrets out! I actually don't know, but I know that AIM and YIM are very easy to get information from.
  11. I would say almost every time it's from AIM or the e-mail getting hacked and they work backwards from there. At least that's how I do it when I hack an account.........errrr wait, nm
  12. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Please stir more un needed controversy. You're with my old backer that I left because there was no benefit for me. If it benefits you then great, congrats stay with him. But coming on here and knocking me for leaving him after I won the team more than 5K is just dumb. No wonder you lost your three best players on the team! Your team has your own forum and you're all 2p2rs, so why even come on here? Jerome/Ronnie don't even have P5s accounts from what I know. Every other post you make here is just to stalk, seriously give it up bud!
  13. I was obv trying to prove a point here, sigh. But that's fine this can be a 3 way pool or more if they're interested.

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