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  1. Rack and Sap is a friend of a friend of mine in Nashville. We have a weekly wager between 3 of us with a bonus/fine for 6-0 or 0-6. Obv, he's killing us... FML
  2. I like the shares format and would prefer a percentage range of 10-40% per wager, with a minimum number of wagers per week. For example, you can wage between 10%-40% of your shares on each bet and must place at least 2 wagers per week (including the Super Bowl). You can bet as many as you want, but you can't sit on a big roll if you run hot the first week or two. Thoughts?
  3. I like the new format, but vote for 6 games a week, every week I'm in and +1 (at least, maybe more)
  4. Held at 50% all year and finished strong, 11-1 over the past couple of weeks. Thanks Tread for running a great league, yet again!
  5. Me and a buddy are both in for the $200 and $50 leagues. Will try to ship funds tomorrow.
  6. Has anyone ever won back to back years? Doubt it's gonna happen this year, but had to soak in the glory one last time.
  7. I bet $20 on Fla (5/1), Villanova (22/1) and Ky (45/1) prior to the tourney starting. My $20 bet is little different than your $160, but I ain't hedging shit...
  8. I was banging some chick in Nashville and she told me about her friends that started "this poker site"
  9. I would guess you're close, but with the small sample size someone could go on a heater and get higher than that
  10. I agree with you on many levels, I was just 20 percentage points worse in NFL than NCAA.
  11. Thx guys. If I had any discipline and wasn't a degenerate, I would have made a fortune this year (against the book). Pretty ecstatic to be above 60%. Can I petition that we eliminate the NFL next yr?
  12. Thx for the update. As usual, I screwed up the numbers (in my favor).
  13. Whew.... With Arizona up 42-12 late in the 4th quarter, they go for it instead of kicking the FG - WTF!!! Then BC comes thru and covers the over in the last minute. I think that locks me up for at least a tie for the $50 pool
  14. And mine..... Saints -13 Oregon -13.5 BC/Ariz over 57 TexAM -12 Mich St +5.5 Baylor -16.5

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