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  1. You didnt know about the mid tournament snaffo on Pokerstars? LMAO. Usually your big stack gets completely destroyed within 3 hands. Learn to recognize it grasshopper and just dont play any hands for at least a half hour. What happens is that you get a hand like AK and you bet; and a shortstack that has about 1/4 your stack raises; you call or reraise it doesnt matter how it goes down but with an ACE on the flop; he raises and you reraises and he shoves and its all in. You are looking pretty damn good with AK vs his A 10 or maybe its AJ or AQ until his second pair hits on the river. Sometimes they get it over quick right on the turn but boom 1/4 your stack.. TWO hands later you have 99 or 10 10 and you raise from middle position and someone calls your raise. Flop comes 10, K, 7. He shoves you call instantly and he shows KK for trip KK's against your trip 10, 10's. Now you have below average stack and you are just ticked...... It happened again......... You go card dead for 1 hour and Get it all in finally with Pocket 99's only to hvae the big blind turn over Pocket AA's............ welcome to a typical night............LMAO...... It's called running bad....... Some of us run bad for like 40 years.

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