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    I mostly play live in Atlantic City cash games at the Borgata but occasionally play online. I've been playing for about 10 years now and I'm waiting for the day I can play professionally.
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    32Red Poker
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    The Borgata, Atlantic City
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    Sports, XBox 360, Triathlons, Travel.
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    NL/PL Omaha
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    PLO / HA

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  1. I played and cashed this tournament and where I feel you may have gone wrong is actually with respect to how early(you said it!) in the tournament you are making this play. Had you just made the call here and possibly gotten a few calls behind you, you could have built the pot with more players in to get paid when you hit on the turn(if someone bets out in front of you or calls your raise on the turn with your made hand). If you miss on the turn and face a large bet in front of you, you can get away from it with the majority of your stack intact. At the same time, you are not risking your stack so early in a tourney that allowed for a lot of play with the 50 min rounds. You could have found a better spot with a made hand to get your money in and make someone elso do the chasing. You mentioned the aggression at the table, get your money in when you hit strong on the flop b/c you a pretty certain to have someone come with you. While there were some strong players in this tourney, it was mostly on the holdem side. Even the players that final tabled had some serious gaps in their PLO game.

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