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  1. nice 9k scores... u need a 3rd one tho... that 1.6k score shouldnt be a top 3 highlight of ur career... man up, and fucking listen to me when i teach u critical inflection points in MTTs... STOP restealing light at the 40-80 level and making ill-advised s
  2. Ive noticed that when i get crippled down to 1 or 2 bbs i tend to get all the top hands next hand alot
  3. I noticed that when ever I flop an open ended draw with the flush draw or obv an open ended str8 flush draw on Fulltilt i almost never get there. I been keeping track and ive hit 3 out of my last 32. I used to play these draws aggro and get it all in on the flop alot. Now i usually just call ppl down to see if it hits cause i know its not coming. Im trying hard to not believe that FT puts out flops just to create action haha

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