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  1. Hi all, I am selling action to a package of events at the Florida State Poker Championships in Pompano Beach, Florida in July including a 570, 300K, 1130 400K and their 2560, 500K Main Event. http://www.pokeratlas.com/poker-tournament-series/florida-state-poker-championships-isle-pompano-park-pompano-beach-2014 I have been on sabbatical from my job for a few months grinding online and live fulltime and have had some good results. More information can be found in my previous marketplace thread. I have sold three packages in the marketplace on 2+2, and have cashes in all three packages, and two of the three packages have been profitable. I am also cross-selling this package on 2+2. In May, I had my highest ever live score, finishing 5th in the Jacksonville CPPT for $17,100 and I also finished 5th that month in the Merge Major for $7,750, my largest ever online score, which has earned me the status of Pocket Fives Florida Chipleader. The full-time dedication to the game is paying great dividends. I am a Tournament Poker Edge member and constantly studying the game. My online results have been solid at a high ABI on the Merge network, which is considered to be the toughest of the U.S. sites. My overall results on Merge can be found below. I also have some untracked four-digit scores on Bovada and ACR. I have had some private coaching by Nick Yunis, one of the top Merge regs and have also received some informal hand history reviews by another top Merge reg, Marc "AZNALLIN007" Alioto. At the attached link, you can find out which events I'm selling action to at what MU. I feel very comfortable at the Isle Casino venue. I have recently started playing some 5/10 cash games there and have had some good success over the last month. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?page=view&resid=3BB81FAA23C4084!107&authkey=!ADvD3dCzWyXniwE 1% = $101.75 2% = $203.50 5% = $508.75 10% = $1,017.50 What is listed in the spreadsheet is what I am making available to investors. I will have 100% of everything else, so I am selling 100% essentially of what is listed in spreadsheet. Of course, any unused bullets will be refunded with markup. Standard tax forms will need to be provided in the event of a cash. Forms of Payment: Cash at Venue Paypal Citibank ACR (Least Preferred) REFERENCES: Mark Dube, Ian Ohara, Nick Yunis, Luke "Worm1188" Doolittle, Matt "Pokerbrat" Smith, Andrew "ForeverL0st/RReckless1" Graham

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