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  1. Hey Jim, Thanks for doing this well it has been a great read and it is good to see all successful players recognizing what a great player and person you have been both on and off the table over these past five years or so. It is an ideal situation to have some of your really good hometown friends who also play poker seriously, we have had some unbelievable times over the years and I don't think playing this game would be nearly as fun without you, chris, nanz, ram, shane and the whole gang. That being said, I think one of the most important qualities in a player is always playing your A game. I know it might sound obvious, but its true. I think for the most part you do a great job of this. When you bust out of mostly big tournies and have two 50 dollar tournies left with a good stack with 200 people left, can you focus and try and catch a straggler? It is especially hard for us east coast players because these nightly tournaments are running until 5am. You mentioned players ego, and I think this correlates into that mind state that every game counts and will affect your bottom line. Is there anything special or different you do to try and always focus regardless of the buyin or the way your day/ week/ month have been going?? Kind of vague but i had to throw something in here! Wish you continued success and actually more of it! SUNDAY FUNDAY LETS GOOOOOOOO

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