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  1. Same with PokerstarsPA. Sharkscope has everything but still no p5s tracking six months after launch 😞 no one will give an update either.
  2. Because I believe people spaz out with other hands that aren't the stone cold nuts. To be fair, I now see this is a $109 which is above my buy in range. I still don't think I'm finding a fold here. I think there are some good arguments, and think 89s is possible, I'm still not finding the fold button here tho.
  3. I don't think you expected to post this and have people agree with you, that's quite the fold (i would not have folded here, ever). This may be one you could have chalked up to sick read and keep to yourself lol, but no, you gotta call call there man.
  4. I bet 75k. Villain called and had AQ. I was pretty surprised that's what he had. I think the advice in this thread was good and there were some mistakes here regardless of the outcome.
  5. There was a couple of solid winning players remaining. Small blind was a good player, villain was not. What's your opening range look like in this spot with these stacks?
  6. Villain running 30/24/51 with 11 three bet. Sample size is about 300 hands. Is this a clear spot for a small value bet or a clear spot to check it back? Any other suggestions on previous streets also welcome. PokerStars Hand #157425603065: Tournament #1641806616, $5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXXIII (7000/14000) - 2016/08/18 13:53:08 CET [2016/08/18 7:53:08 ET] Table '1641806616 17' 9-max Seat #7 is the button Seat 2: -gmt-Sky (778288 in chips) Seat 4: Dima14 (232694 in chips) Seat 5: todayisfire (696704 in chips) HERO Seat 7: datoS777 (1391196 in chips) Seat 8: federaluiasi (552175 in chips) Seat 9: Coria17 (398943 in chips) VILLAIN -gmt-Sky: posts the ante 1750 Dima14: posts the ante 1750 todayisfire: posts the ante 1750 datoS777: posts the ante 1750 federaluiasi: posts the ante 1750 Coria17: posts the ante 1750 federaluiasi: posts small blind 7000 Coria17: posts big blind 14000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to todayisfire [As 2c] -gmt-Sky: folds Dima14: folds todayisfire: raises 16800 to 30800 datoS777: folds federaluiasi: folds Coria17: calls 16800 *** FLOP *** [Qd 8d 3d] Coria17: checks todayisfire: bets 29700 Coria17: calls 29700 *** TURN *** [Qd 8d 3d] [Ac] Coria17: checks todayisfire: bets 59500 Coria17: calls 59500 *** RIVER *** [Qd 8d 3d Ac] [3c] Coria17: checks todayisfire:
  7. I'm not saying that's optimal. I'm saying if that's how hero had been playing this stack or had open shoved this similar stack in previous hands I wouldn't change that pattern when hero has a premium hand.
  8. If your open shoving your entire range with this stack then just 2-2.5x your top top range... i think that's a mistake.
  9. First hand kind of sucks. Have we seen villain cold call anything previously? His line seems strong, but he can be making this play with a handful of draws too. I'm in between and don't hate the fold. Second hand, I don't like the overbet on the flop. Villain is short so we probably don't get away from it regardless.
  10. I think open shove is fine too. I think it depends what if any previous actions you had with this stack/table (or if these are repeat players). If you had been open shoving the same stack with 78s, ATo, etc etc then yes open shoving is the much better play. If you open shove these stacks with decent playable hands but just raise with super premiums like KK people will pick up on that quickly.
  11. I wouldn't be folding with our stack. Tons of hands we beat like Qx and spade draws in their ranges. If we ran into two pair/set then so be it, but I don't think folding is the play here.
  12. The show was great. Even knowing the angle and objective of the show was to prove innocence it is really hard to see how this kid could have possibly been found guilty.
  13. 99 is really strong here and I think you are doing good against their ranges given their stats (assuming this was a decent sample). I don't think this is a bad play. The other line would be to 3b get it in vs. shoving. Generally jamming 30 bigs pre in a spot like this is a pretty narrow range for most folks and people can play against it accordingly. If you are looking for less variance you could flat and set mine, but that's a pretty nitty/bad line when we 32bb deep, out of position and are ahead of opener and flatters ranges a big percentage of the time.
  14. Prepare something before hand. This is the only way to go if you want to eat decent. If you plan on grinding make a good portion of something earlier in the day, or if you are working, the evening before. Any type of salad, pasta salad, etc. If you are busy working and aren't much of a cook (like me) you can even pick up a simple pre made dish at the store. Something good and fresh though, avoid crap food. It's bad enough to be sitting for so long. Nothing like grinding and then downing a bunch of pizza and snacks. Not a good feeling!
  15. Thanks for the post that's a good point and definitely a leak. I would probably not bet a set or 2p like that. Like you said i don't narrow his range by betting 1/3 or so of pot on such a board. So as played what's your thoughts with no reads?

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