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  1. I have many negative thoughts about house players, and cheating from this site.. But i don't have any proof. At the same time, lately I've been having some crazy stuff happen. There seems to be a couple hundred or more overlay in many of the events. Personally, I wonder how they cover for it since it happens on a daily basis. Anyways... On to the topic. I was at a final table, 5 players left. I was in 2nd place, double the amount of chips from 3rd. Prizes were roughly $250 , $175, 140 for the top 3. (roughly, I could always look it up) right when the 3:55-4-00am break ended, my Carbon Poker froze. My internet was 100% working. I have this all recorded while using a screen recorder. I lost connection for 7 minutes. During this time I was blinded out to 1 big blind. I was able to surf the web and check my internet, and even contact support. Mind you, I have 2 family members who live roughly a hour away with different internet connections. My father was also in this MTT but was out. He also couldn't connect for this 7 minute period. As I called him to try. Yet, he could also surf the internet. Chip stacks were roughly 150k, 70k, 35k, 30k, 25k. During this 7 minute period it seemed to only be me. The blinds must have went around 4-5 times during this span. They told me it was my internet, but gave me a $11 ticket. I feel I got screwed pretty hard here. A chance to win $250, or over $100. I believe I got close to $55 for 5th. The very next day I have pocket 9s near the bubble, and I recieve a Jettime error. I quickly relog on under 45 seconds and it folded a winning hand that would have tripled up. This time, they did no care. And lastly, I was in a $15 tournament with $300 overlay. More than half the prizepool was overlay. Top 5 Placed and there were 10 players left. While Im sure this happens often, I do not agree with it. Blinds are huge, average stack 10k. Final 2 tables I was Big blind, Then small. After the hand, I should be the button. However, they moved us to the final table. I would assume it should simply put me right of the dealer, but instead, it put me in the worst possible seat where I was again Big blind and small. Blinds being 2k, 1k. That's 6k in 5 hands as it gave me the worst seat near the bubble. Everyone else was in the exact order as they should be. Again, I record my games.. and was not happy about this. I understand the last 2 weren't a major issue. However, this week was really frustrating on the site. I just want to share with the community what happened, and how I felt about it. All of this was recorded, if anyone wanted to look at how I got knocked off and blinded out I do have the video. I also asked them to send me the history of hands during that 7 minutes. They did not.

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