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  1. Hi guys, Just coming off a good start to the summer, having won my 6th WSOP Gold ring at Foxwoods and made the National WSOP Championship 3rd year in a row. Currently ranked 14th in WSOP circuit rankings but I've only played 4 full stops. http://blog.wsop.com/2015/05/valentin-vornicu-joins-elite-club-with-his-sixth-ring/ http://www.wsop.com/2014/circuit/leaderboard.asp I have 7 career wins out of 15 final tables in tournament series events, and 3 second places. I have a good command of my game, I know how and what needs to be done to win if I get to a final table. Results http://www.wsop.com/players/playerprofile.asp?playerID=137531 http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=197837 I've also won a Sunday Major online, but I've been playing very little on Stars and FTP for obvious reasons. I've previously sold action on 2p2 (and I've posted this there now as well) http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/184/staking-selling-shares-live/4xwsopc-winner-selling-small-wsop-package-1446231/?highlight= http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/184/staking-selling-shares-live/3x-wsopc-gold-ringer-busto23-wsopc-st-louis-me-1427396/?highlight= I haven't sold much recently because I've been keeping all my action or selling to jw123 when I was playing higher buyins. I want to play a few bracelet events at the WSOP. Schedule WSOP #3 LO8 $1,500 * 1.1 WSOP #6 Hyper $1,000 * 1.25 WSOP #9 Razz $1,500 * 1.1 WSOP #12 6max $1,500 * 1.25 WSOP #14 NLHE Shootout $1,500 * 1.25 WSOP #16A Millionare Maker $1,500 * 1.25 WSOP #16B Millionare Maker $1,500 * 1.25 Shares Total $12,050 gonna round it to $600 per 5% Increments of 5%. Would like to sell 50%. Most likely playing even if package is not sold. Also it's likely I might skip a couple of these events due to other events I have on the schedule (that I'm playing on my own dime.) Payment I will take Paypal, cash in vegas (only if I know you and/or are reputable), Chase QP. Refunds with markup for everything that I'm not playing. Other info Twitter updates: @mblasterx Anything outside of the tournament cash belongs to me. You are not booked for action until I have received the payment (before the tournament starts.) or unless I specify otherwise in the thread. For people who are going to ask me if I have mixed game experience: yes, I've made a few HORSE FTs, played both HORSE, Razz $1,500 events past 2 years at WSOP and made dinner breaks, and just got a FT on a LO8 WSOP event in Council Bluffs, where I was CL at the FT and with 6 left as well, but got out in 4th. Taxes: if you are a US Citizen/resident, upon receive of SSN and copy of ID, you will receive all the share. Anyone else will have 30% withheld for scores over 5k. Any other questions, please feel free to ask. 32% left to sell so far (sold 18% on 2p2)

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