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  1. busto_soon

    darvin moon

    Actually to me, the saddest part of the episode were the two droolers on Darvin's right.. Idk, there's something so depressing about the whole fat+goatee+cap+sunglasses look.
  2. It really doesn't make sense. Apparently the sites are rigged in such a way to put both big stacks at the same table in random tournament #xxx. If you look closely at your extensive research, you will even find you're often on the right side of the chipleader as well! You uncovered some serious conspiracy here, thank you for taking the time and bringing this to our attention.
  3. lolz call/call oh and chatting during the hand might not be the smartest thing
  4. sb ranges are tricky, this is a fold against most regs. I'd flat if he made it 18-2100, keep the fish in etc. Why won't you just do the math on this? It's not too hard, just estimate an iso and r/c range and you're done. I'm too lazy but I'm sure jamming AQo is slightly -ev vs a 6x.
  5. You're an awesome player!
  6. pre is lol why raise the flop, we get more value by flatting.
  7. now that I think about it, 44 A8 and KQo can't be profitable calls can they?
  8. I'd say 44+,A8o+,A6s+,KTs+,KQo? Maybe tighter, stacks are really bad.
  9. The insta board rundown is pretty cool, I wish it was an option on stars/ftp shove call BAM flip! <3 it
  10. he bets flop always with 65s/A5s so that's discounted, leaves sets and A2cc type of hands. meh I get 33 in, muck 2s what's up with the 640 bet lol
  11. You could also 1375 it, make it seem like you're trying to exploit the misclick.. He might tiltshove some extra hands, esp if you're unknown to him.

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