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    Full time micro level player seeing if I can realize my dream of playing professionally and most importantly, successfully
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  1. For a while now I have believed that the perfect micro level tournament player is someone with a good understanding of the game, its mechanics and the numbers but someone who hasn't allowed millions of hands to twist their perception on the value of the play. I recently registered my dad on PokerStars so he could also play and learn the in's and out's of online poker. I started him off on 9 Seater SnG to get a hang of playing, game theory and all that jazz. The reason for this blog is simple, my dad is doing very well in a tournament that I am now coaching since he has made it quite far. I've on purpose not helped him till this stage so that I can review his hand history and isolate plays where I believe more experienced players, like myself, are making folds/giving credit to players that aren't deserving of them and inadvertently letting go of hands we should be playing. I will be editing this post with the inferences I have made regarding the tournament and the plays that were instrumental as he progressed closer to the final money. This is sure to be a very interesting analysis that I can't wait to data mine.

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