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  1. Is Americas Card Room Ripping People Off? That is a very good question and I like to find out too. Let me tell you guys my side of the story. I started playing at ACR about ten days ago, can't remember exactly when because I also play at Global Poker and Bet online, thanks to a poker magazine which kept promoting this poker site. I played there three times, lost three times on three different days, that's normal cuz I lose most of the time wherever I play. Had made two deposits on two different days, $200 each time. Three days ago I tried to log in and ready to play again with some confidence but I was blocked from logging in and told to contact their support team, so I did. I asked the gentleman what's the issue and he told me they suspected hacker activities because I was using VPN to play two times out of three and I had to provide some certifications. I told him I can play without the VPN and I never had any problem with other sites. He then said it's the house policy that required players to provide certifications to play. I asked him why they didn't list those terms when I signed up and when I made two deposits? Why now? He couldn't give me an answer and told me to wait for his colleague to call me on the phone. Then came in this big guy named Albert on the phone, I asked him can I play first and provide the docs later if I am that lucky to have something to cash out. I know all other poker sites need your photo ID and a current utility bill in your name to verify your identity when you cash out.This big guy gave me a simple and direct answer 'It's not gonna happened' and lecturing me that using VPN will make me vulnerable and easier for hackers to hack. I didn't bother to explain. I told him I felt like a little guy being bullied by a big guy, holding my money and make me comply to terms that were never there when I first signed up.I told him I might have to talk to my bank about this incidence and ask them to get my money back. He got so mad after hearing what I said and told me he will blacklist me all over the poker sites and make me regret and have no place to play (very professional, I don't know how he got this job but I do like his job descriptions).We talked for 50 long mins and most of the times he's interrupting me and kept saying I put words in his mouth and refused to answer my question which was 'Are you going to take my money if I don't provide the docs'. Has anyone of you come across a similar situation like mine with this poker site? I'm looking for answers and solutions and the big guy kept giving me reasons and excuses. He reminds me a quotation from Mark Twain: “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” P.S. The big guy told me that his supervisor will call me on the following day which was three days ago, I'm still waiting.

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