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  1. Reveal Plaque - Poker Night in America

    I decided to make my own rules and start using reveal chips in my home game. Here they are: Reveal Chips - Players that draw one of 3 lowest cards when drawing for the deal get a reveal chip (if a tie, tied players draw another card) - When you use a reveal chip you must give the revealing player the reveal chip - You do not have to be in the hand to use your reveal chip - You cannot use “tournament” chips to buy a “reveal” chip - You can buy or sell reveal chip(s) for cash - If you are knocked out (for the night) while in possession of a reveal chip the player that knocked you out gets your reveal chip(s) - A single player can have 1, 2 or all 3 reveal chips - When it gets down to the final 3 players each player will get 1 of the 3 reveal chips - Once a reveal chip is used by one of the final 3 players it is taken out of play

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