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  1. How do you know that his roommates didn't try their best to get him to stop drinking? There was probably nothing that anyone could do to get him out of his depression. This is all very sad, RIP Chad.
  2. Have $1,000 on Lock (CalBandGreat) Want $400 BOA I have a ton of trades ITT where I sent 2nd, but all of those trades were before Black Friday. I'm willing to send first only to someone who has a solid history of trading ITT.
  3. Here is Rizen's post of 2+2. How much do you have to rake to get Black VIP? You guys know how reluctant I've been to say anything official on the subject until I was positive the dates/timeframes would be relatively accurate. On or before Feb 1st there will be withdrawals both by check (which I know isn't exactly new) and wire (which is). Both will be available in the casino. Checks will be available to VIP players of all levels and have a max limit of $3000 and take 2-3 weeks from what I've been told. Wires will only be available to Black and Black Elite VIPs, have a max limit of $9900 and also take about 2-3 weeks. Thanks -Rizen
  4. I played with him in a $55 turbo on Lock last night, he got 3rd for $800 or $900.
  5. Yes this is normal for the Bellagio, they always pay an absurd amount of people. I think if they get more than 400 people they pay 100 players. I think if they would have got 399 they would have paid 50 and if they got 700-800 players they would pay 100.
  6. You should raise less pre-flop. Most importantly, you should bet a lot less on the flop and you should snap call this. Sorry that he had a set this time, but he can have a flush draw, 99, A8 or a pair and a gutshot a big % of the time.
  7. I'm playing a few tournies on Merge for the first time in for forever right now and I wanted to watch some of the tournies on stars. Is there any way for me to view the tournaments?
  8. Agree that mike should have chilled out and not been so pushy about kori coming back to Florida right away and let kori have some time with his family. I agree that mike seems like a bad person to play for and a control freak, but kori had plenty of time to leave mike when he was in profit after he got to live with mike and see that he didn't enjoy living with him and playing with him. When kori went off saying live poker wasn't for him and all of that stuff, how could he expect mike to continue to back him? Kori made it impossible for mike to back him and mike clearly stated that he needed to live in Florida in order to be backed, so I see this as kori running from make up and not mike dropping him. In the end mike even offered to keep backing him when kori said that at one point after he thouight about it, he was willing to go back, but then kori said he would never play for mike again because mike offended him and denied Mike's offer to continue to back him. Mike was pretty offensive to him during the backing deal, calling him a fag and other names when kori wasnt deep in make up but kori didn't leave then.
  9. Awesome well, I read the whole thing and it was very entertaining. It was nice meeting you a few years ago at the WSOP. Your posts have always been very helpful and I have always rooted for you when I saw you deep in a tournament. Pius seems like a great guy, I was rooting for him and I'm really glad that he won. Did you guys go party when Pius made it to the top 3? What did he do on the break before 3 handed? What did you guys do to celebrate the night he won it? How about the night after he won it? Sorry to make all of the questions about the final table, but everyone already asked you a ton of interesting questions and I'm really interested to hear about the final table after I watched every hand on the broadcast.
  10. About the Q6 hand, I think because he already led into Heinz's button raise a few times and folded the middle pair that one time, it was perfectly set up for Staszko to bet into Heinz's and then shove if he raises. Although I think heinz would have just flatted the bet with his middle pair. I know the check raise fold was terrible, but we got to see every hand and he played pretty well besides that considering all of the pressure. I know Heinz is a much better player and would never make a mistake like that, but overall I think Stasko is a good player who will keep getting better. That shove with the KQ was pretty awesome considering the circumstances. As for him tanking for a bit with the Q9, I'm sure he planned on calling the shove, but the moment was so big that he wanted to take a second to think about it. Yes it seems crazy to raise fold that hand, but I can't even imagine what playing heads up for 6 hours for $3.3 million dollars, a ton of sponsorship money and the prestige of being world champion does to someone's head. I'm sure he realized that it was an easy call, but he was probably so nervous and drained that he just wanted to make sure that he was making the right play. I know it seems impossible that a good player would ever consider folding that hand, but it is hard to understand what someone would be feeling with all that pressure. Wow you must not even like poker if that wasn't entertaining for you. Yeah I know some of the commentary wasn't the best, but to watch those guys play for all that money and the Main Event championship while seeing the hole cards was very fun to watch. Maybe you just don't like poker, you seem miserable at the tables and if you can't enjoy watching that, maybe poker isn't for you. I'm not trying to hate, I just can't understand how a serious poker player wasn't entertained by that.

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