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  1. Sup guys--long time no visit, I know it's early but what's going to be best way to stream fight you think Atdhe sopcast something else??
  2. and should i be able to play them based off whats on that webpage...they just seem to be links
  3. yes I am in windows......i opened the run prompt but a little confused from there....thanks so far
  4. Hi, there is a concert I went to that I really want a bootleg for. audioslave from 10/25/05 at gwinett Arena in Atlanta I found this site: http://socialmusic.fm/tabid/61/IndexId/25449/Default.aspx But I have no clue how to play these .flac files even with the help of google Could anyone please help instruct me in how to make these play or possibly find another site with a working bootleg. Would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks
  5. coulda sworn this post was a level looks like maridu to me
  6. thanks actually thats the one thing ive tried but that DID NOT WORK i get an error during sign in saying "Login failed Could not securely save your user information" which is weird cuz im 100% percent entering the correct info and i see its a common problem any other suggestions?
  7. My iphone is completely fucked and my pc is about to go to. I want to backup itunes (all my songs, and the accompanying artwork) i tried doing icloud but i think i need to set it up with my iphone which i cant use currently is there another good storage site that allows for this cloud storage..ive struggled finding a free one that allows for atleast 6GB+...google music for some reason wont work.. also is there a site that backs up your iphone details (apps downloaded and most recent sync) thanks
  8. hilarious http://niccageaseveryone.blogspot.com/
  9. so this is jumping way into the future, but when pujols inevitably gets induction into the HOF, what jersey does he wear assuming he has a gradual but hof-esque decline with solid longevity. lets assume the very plausible idea of him approaching 762. what jersey would he wear?
  10. just to continue on your request for why there are a contingent of people who did enjoy this season: first off, i tuned in last season almost purely for the zombies and gore, the characters in my mind were pretty dry and boring. i admit this season was not as good as last season. that being said, i feel that for all the lack of strong progress in the season (spoilers: rick's wife is pregnant and sophie is dead being basically all that happened) i feel the payoff in the last episode allowed for this season to be good for the series as a whole. the biggest reason being shanes transformation. we were given two different viewpoints to how to view this apocalpyse, one being those of the main group who viewed the "walkers" as dangerous zombies that needed to be killed immediately...versus the secluded and naive farmers who viewed the "sick" as loved ones who were sick but curable. shane represented the outlook that in this type of world it is hard to stay sane. and i feel his final 10 minutes of the last episode was one pivotal reason why this season was worthwhile. (the whole reason he went so crazy is because he realized they werent leaving for a long time. people were not giving up hope in the girl. it was a lost cause. this stagnant view represented the season. and i believe that even though the stagnantness was annoying to many viewers, it had its benefits with the final scene) two, a smaller reason, there were still some badass deaths and scenes. daryl is by far the most interesting character and his scenes were the most reminiscent from what we expected in season one. lastly, i feel this season was the medium to go from season one where the group was one into season 3 where i believe there will officially be the split.

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