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  1. finished up s3 of yellowstone. damn that was intense. ready for s4
  2. 2 days of feeling like shit, feeling pretty good today. not too bad!
  3. ouch. All i know is that the vaccine still isn't "approved", i think that's the term they use, and it was rushed. So, I wasn't yet comfortable with putting it into my body. If i was at risk i surely would have felt differently. I was comfortable with the risk associated with not getting vaccinated. I'm not antivax, myself and children have plenty of other vaccines in our blood. I was just hesitant about this one. Why does that make me an idiot that i don't blindly inject a hastily produced vaccine into my body?
  4. lol i've definitely seen that before. some bad mofos
  5. damn! i did not know that. WWE is so fucking stupid. What are they doing? I still can't believe they let Braun go
  6. i saw CDC is now recommending masks for all K-12?
  7. i've been too lazy to read up on what i should be taking. I know i have some D and magnesium so i'll take some of that. Feeling a bit better tonight
  8. thanks i guess. and crick, i work from home and have been quarantined since last tuesday when i started feeling symptoms, you can save your outrage for someone else
  9. still a little skeptical about it and i'm young and in pretty good shape therefore not at risk
  10. Camzeeee


    phish420 i think is the one that paid off chaz's debt.
  11. just read the tweet, lol wow. so classless. what a joke
  12. dude is just a caricature of himself now

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