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  1. Just curious, was there a time when things got out of hand and you lost all your money because of too much addiction? Did you consider getting a counselor at that time?
  2. I would not be surprised. I see Chinese everywhere.
  3. This one's a total cheat. I envy. 😕
  4. Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of my favourite actor's, he absolutely deserves that Oscar. I'm glad to see him so fit and well these days.
  5. That whole deal with Raiden being able to teleport anybody anywhere is going to lead to massive plotholes. lol
  6. I see Indians in the crowd. More are coming very soon to New Zealand. 😂
  7. Both sides are beyond stupid, one justifies looting and rioting because a police officer killed someone either justifiably or not. And the other justifies violence and rioting because the other side is doing it 😅
  8. R.I.P DMX

    When someone recently dies I like to treat the thread as if I were at the funeral. If I don't have nice things to say I just stay out of the thread or keep it to myself. Obviously he wasn't the greatest guy. Most people who grew up the way he did aren't. Its not a valid excuse just the truth. I get its the internet, but when people come to a thread like this one someone recently dies just to pile on negatively with their short comings reflects poorly on the type of person they are as well. I like to treat these threads as I would at a funeral. If I have nothing nice to say, I just shut my mouth or don't come at all.
  9. Basically we finally see le chiffre getting tilted from that cold deck vs bond
  10. Netflix or not, I always have subtitles turned on especially when it's a horror movie, it's hilarious to read those shouting, groaning and slashing, etc. 🤣
  11. What do you think are the most difficult challenges in playing and winning poker? And why? Please share it here.
  12. The question is, is there any safe youtube downloader app available now? Last time I used one I got malware detected on my pc.

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